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to Art on the Edge and the intuitive art collective.

The gallery is owned and curated by artist, Kirsten Todd.

Kirsten wanted to create a platform to showcase hers and other intuitive and emerging artists work knowing how difficult it can be to obtain gallery representation as a relatively unknown artist.

The gallery aims to bring together intuitive artists and art lovers from all over offering original art and limited edition prints hand-picked and curated by Kirsten herself.

All the art within this gallery has been created intuitively, meaning the artist has gone within to create a piece that evolves free of structured thought form with the artist 'feeling' their way around the canvas. Intuitive art can be both figurative or abstract in nature.

 The gallery features a different intuitive artist every month with the artist having their work featured on the homepage and promoted on social media. The artists will also hold online exhibitions of their work in a 3d virtual gallery environment featured on the homepage. The gallery also curates open calls and exhibitions.

Asset 2.png
Abstract background. Acrylic paints. Mar

intuitive art.

what is it?

It is the mark making of art absent of structured thought forms. Letting the brush or pen be guided from within. Feeling your way over the canvas. Heart centred mark making. Painting that comes from an absence of thought but is created from feeling, using the intuition and inner guidance.

Channelled from the spiritual self, the spirit realm or the energy of the multiverse. Allowing the formation of the image to be born without critique or judgement of what comes through and put down on canvas. It is a flow  that comes from deep within your soul. A blissful state of being. The art of creation and creativity brings you into connection with the divine and your divine self. All is stripped bare and your true essence or true self is shown.

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